Hard Money For Property Taxes

We get many requests every month form Florida homeowners for various reasons. One of the most often inquiry is the homeower who is behind on their Florida county property taxes and needs to pull cashout to pay of the property taxes in arrears. Our private money investors have helped hundreds of Florida homeowners save their homes by using the equity and stopping a property tax deed sale and saving the borrowers home.

Reaons to Use Florida Hard Money to Stop a Tax Deed Sale.

The Banks will take to long and time is certainly of the essence.
If you cant qualify for a bank loan you can use the equity in your home.
Light Documenation.
If you have bad credit or no credit.
You need a lighting fast solution on a very critical problem.
If you have exhausted all other avenues and your home is going to the courthourse steps withing a week or two a hard money or private money might be the quick fix is answer.
This is a short term long to fix the problem and long term is to get you on a better loan working your credit issues.

Our investors will use the equity in the owner occupied, condo, rental property seconday or vacation property to help pay off the property taxes. Depending on the size of the home and the county 3 to 4 years of back property taxes could be 2,000, up to 20,000 or more with penalites which is a large sum for most people to come up in a short abount of time.
Alot of times homeowners have a medical issues that cause them to get behind on their property taxes, or family members inherit a property not realize their loved on did not pay the yearly or quarterly property taxes on time. They will place a 1st mortgage on your property when you close and get the cashout terms and rates vary investor by investor.
Other examples one spouse divorces another spouse and gets the property in the community settlement and didnt realize that the property taxes  were not paid and are due by 4 years the home is going to tax deed sale within a month or two. We have some instances where the client had a done a refinance years earlier and thought the property taxes where being escrowed.
Our private investors or experts in handling these every emotional and difficult real world situations and will guide you step by step to the refinance process. If you own your home and have equity usually they can help you refinance in less than two weeks and pay your back property taxes. Giving you the peace of mind on your largest investment which is you home.
Many times people or to embrassed to go to their family or friends to borrow the money, we specialize in building trusting relationships and deal with borrowers with special circumstances such at hard money for back property taxes. If you  have tried going to the bank for and equity line chances or our hard money investors will quality you based on your equity not credit. If your home is worth 100,000 and you owe 7 in back property taxes for a 4 year period they will do a 10,000 loan to save your home.
One recent example is a couple in Clermont Florida had a tree farm worth 450,000 and 10 acres with hundreds of thousands of dollars and tress to be harvested however our investor got a call and they had 14 days to pay about 18,000 in back property taxes. They applied and in 9 days the investor closed the loan and saved their home. This is the most extreme case normally the typical homeowner or commercial building owner will have a few months of lead time they give our investors. This is just one expample if you need more please call us as our investors have closed many of these loans. 8135165210.
Can you imagine we get many requests from commercial buidling owners who owe 30,000 up to 70,000 in back property taxes depending on the size of the property and this would financial destory a business owner if they could not use the equity in their commercial building and land to refinance the building and save their business and lifeline. Our investors have helped many commercial borrowers save their strip centers, apartments and commercial land form going to property tax deed sales in Florida.
 Needless to say the homeowners who very happy as that was have been a huge lost if they could not have found a good source to use the equity in their home to pay the back property taxes. Even if you have no credit, bad credit, challenged credit our private money partners can still help if you own your home free and clear paid off and want to use the equity to pay you back property taxes.
Every Florida tax collectors office is different in each county but our investors will help you and deliever the checks in person once the loan closes and makes use to follow up with each tax collectors office to make sure the payment is their and logged in and the property taxes or paid.
Peace of mind, when time is of the essence, financial urgence, follow up, and fast underwriting is what you can expect when you submitt your request for you Florida property tax hard money loan.

Steps to Stop a Florida Property Tax Deed Sale If you have Equity in your Home.

Speak with a bank first.

If you dented credit, challenged credit then a hard or private money investor might be the aswer.
Speak with the investors and tell him your situation.
The investor will determine how much equity you have in the property.
They will have to get an updated payoff form the tax collectors office in the Florida county you live in.
Once they approve your loan you will have to provide income documentation to quality.
Once your appraisal and title is clear, they will issues you a clear to close.
The title company will work with the tax collectors office to get final payoff to make sure no extra penalites or owed.
Once the loan is closed and depending on how many days your have the check will be driven down to the tax collectors office or sent overnight or certifed mail to stop the property tax deed sale.
No matter what county you have or living in Florida, our investors are experienced in working with you and the title company and tax collectors office to help stop the tax deed sale assuming you have the equity in your home. Your Florida deliquent property taxes is not something to be taken lightly and we cant help every client and have seen some sad instances where people have lost their home. You should not waste time and be very proactive when your dealing with this time senisitive issue.