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Florida Hard Money/Subprime/Commercial Loans for Mortgage Brokers to 65%
In todays vast sea of financial loan programs many loan officers or seeking a real, honest and reliable hard money source to help close their clients deals in a timely and efficent manner. At AHL Hard Money Resources we partner with hundreds of Florida hard and private money investors who offer equity and asset based loans based on collateral/equity in the property. Florida loan officers you can increase and convert more bank turndownse on you Florida single family, commercial, condos, and investment properties by using hard money and getting your clients approved in 3 to 10 days instead of 30 to 60 days waiting on a bank. Get more loans  closed for your clients with bad credit, no credit, self employed clients, borrowers with less than two years of employed, high dtis, recent foreclosures, short sales and Florida tax deed sales. When you need Flordias best Hard Money programs , creative financing programs, alternative loan programs then submitt your mini application, or 1003 with our investors today.

The Main Advantages of Submitting your Loans to A H L Hard Money Resources:
Easy Access to Millions In Florida Private Money Funds
Quick Stress and Hassle Free Closings by our investors
24 hour approvals and close in 3 to 10 days if your clients have a clear title
Loans based on Equity not Credit means higher approval ratios and more closings
Lite Documentation no endless tips like the banks
Short term and Long Term loan programs for your Florida cients.
A source to place your Florida self employed borrowers
Get cashout for any reason for your borrowers
Make sense underwriting based on your clients profile.
Less than two years on the job or employed okay.
Recent foreclosures and bks means they can still get a loan.
Loans Under 100k No problem.

Our Florida hard money investors have walked in your shoes and they know important it is to get fast, real, strightforward approvals and answers so you can communicated this quickly to your clients.  Some of the key highlights of our the niches and programs offered by our investors is outlined here:

Florida Hard and Private Money Program Highlights for Mortgage Brokers

Owner Occupied programs  in Florida to 55%
Commercial Ltvs to 65%
Loans under 100k no problem
Condo and Townhome Loan Programs to 50%
Florida Investor Blanket Loan Programs to 55%
Florida Land Loans to 40%
Florida Doublewide with land loans to 40%
Subprime Loans your clients must have a 590 score ltvs to 70%

Property Types: Residential, Commercial, Investor, Condos, Land, Doublewides with land

Loan size: 20k to 7 million case by case

Documentation Type: Lite Documentation. Bank Statement, leases, pension, Alternative income

Loan to Values; 50% to 65% Hard Money Subprime to 70% 

Geographic Loan Area. Tampa, Miami, Ft. Myers, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Sarasota, Daytona, Clearwater, Hollywood, Boca, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, St Petersburg, Brandon, Valrico

Rates: Hard Money 10% to 12.65% Subprime 9% to 10.65%

Approval times: 24 to 36 hours

Closing Times by our Investors 3 to 8 days NOO and 8 to 12 days owner occupied 

Pride of ownership is a must with all properties

Brokers are protected

Full Appraisals will be needed on all properties.

At AHL we are a Marketing Network  Portal that leverages our realtionships with our investors who call you directly to get your clients approved.