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A H L Hard Money Network-Marketing is a network that interfaces with Floridas largest pool of investors. Our Investors offer a wide selection of Florida hard money, private money, equity loans, bridge loans, and bad credit, debt consolidation loans for your refinance and purchase needs. Our Private Money Investors have over 150 years of hard money experience to meet your financing needs. Our investors specialize in all major cities in Florida. Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Sarasota, Ft. Myers. Ft. Lauderdale. Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Brandon, Daytona, Jacksonville, Panama City, Destin, Naples, Boca Raton, Key West. Brandon, Valrico, Hollywood, West Palm Beach Florida. We specialize in bank turndown loans and alternative financing for self employed Florida homeowners and homebuyers. If you have equity  in your Florida single family, condo, doulewides with land, townhome, secondary, land apartments, strip centers, apartment, mixed use, vacation property then please fill out the mini application now. Your quick access to fast answers and cashout for any reason. Bad credit, no credit, self employed, whatever your situation our investors might be able to get you approved.
Give us 2 mintues of your valuable time to help you get the loan approval you need. If you fill our lead request out you can expect a pre approval by the hard money investor within 24 hours. Even if you have have had a recent short sales, foreclosure, less than two years on the same job, your self employed, low credit scores, if you have equity in a property or a large down payment 40% to 50% down you can still be approved. Each loan request is customized and looked at on a case by case make sense underwriting basis. A hard money loans is an assest based or private money loan using the equity in your home as collateral and a 1st mortage lien is placed on your property. When you pay the loan off the lien is released.

Our private money investors or experts in helping Florida borrowers who have no credit, bad credit, or self employed, recent foreclosures, short sales, bks, or less than two years of employment when the banks have turned them down. One of a kind hard money programs have been designed for Florida mortgage brokers, realtors, investors, commercial building owners, to get your clients loan request approved in a fast, easy, timely manner. If you own a florida property and paid for it with cash or you have free and clear investor properties and a fast equity loan of 20,000, 30,000, 50,000 and 100,000 or above its all based on equity not credit. Many of our direct borrowers are looking for Florida hard money equity loans to pay off Florida back property taxes, debt consolidation, saving their home from foreclosure, paying medical expenses, stopping a Florida tax deed sale, starting a new business, buying a new car, or using equity to purchase a new home the loan process is fast and easy.

A Florida Hard or Private Money Loan is driven by equity in your free and clear, or paid off sfr , rental, secondary, condo, or vacation property. A private money investor will place a first mortgage lien on the property up to 50% to 60% of the total value of the property. Unlike the banks that focus just on credit a hard and private money loan is driven more by the equity in the home or rental property.When you need alternative financing, and creative loans by on equity you can be sure our private money partners can get the loan approved. Our site is different than other sites becasue we offer a Special Reports Free Reports section that gives the Florida consumer, mortgage brokers, and realtors tips and adivse on hard money, home purchases and marketing ideas.

A typical Florida Hard and Private Money Refinance loan takes from 3 to 12 days to close. Our Investors offer some of the best Florida Hard Money Purchase Programs in the State. They do no require any seasoning of funds. you must put 40% to 50%, the property must be in good condition, and typical closing times would be 3 to 12 days. We can help homebuyers in Florida get a chance to purchase a property if they can put a large down payment even when the banks say no. We work with Florida Realtors to help their clients home purchase dreams come true. One of the differences that seperates A H L from other Hard Money Networks is our investors will do loans under 100k while many other hard money investors will not close loans under 100k. Our Investors specialize in Florida luxury and jumbo hard money and investor and investor blanket loans.

You can Expect from A H L Hard Money Resources:
  • Fast Service
  • Cashout for Any reason
  • Refinance or Purchase 
  • Florida non credit but equity based loans
  • 24- Hr Approvals
  • No Bank Hassles
  • No Seasoning of Purchase funds
  • Floridas Largest Pool of Investors
  • Equity Driven Programs
  • Make sense underwriting
  • No out of pocket fees / upfront fees

Highlights of Programs Offered by our Florida Investors. Hard/Private/and Subprime Loans/Equity Based Loans:
  • Florida Owner Occupied loans to 50%
  • Florida Condo Loans to 50%
  • Florida Land Loans to 40%
  • Florida Doublewide with land loans to 50%
  • Florida Investor Hard Money Loans and Investor Blanket Loans to 50%
  • Commercial Hard Money Loans to 65%
  • Subprime Loans offered to 70%
  • Florida Vacation Property Loans to 55%
  • Florida Non Prime Loans to 65%
  • Florida Bridge Loans to 65%
  • Florida Bank Statement loans to 50%
  • Florida Liquor License Loans to 35%
  • Florida Condo Tel Loans to 50%
  • Florida Jumbo Hard Money Loans up to 5 million
  • Construction Loans to case by case basis
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