Home Improvement

When your considering adding a pool, remodeling your kitchen, landscaping, or need a new roof. Many times we have a few credit bumps in the road and our banks will turn us down with less than prefect credit. Our investors realize that people have issues, and will not hold them against you like the banks do. Unlike the banks our investors focus on equity in your home not credit. You can fully leverage the equity in your home to get those home improvement projects done without the hassles of long underwriting and banks road blocks. Our private money investors use the equity in your home to help you make the home improvement which adds value to your property and causes the appreciation to go up. Most of our investors will do up to 60% of the value of your home. Again these or equity driven programs not based on credit and you get your answers most time in less than 24 hours. Our investors will call you directly. Use the money you get for your home improvement projects such as adding a swimming pool, new kitchen, adding that extra bedroom, new landscaping, new driveway, new roof, whatever the project pull equity out of your paid off home in Florida for all your home improvement projects.

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