Tampa Hard Money Loans


AHL Hard Money Network-Marketing specializes in hard money loans as low as $20,000 to borrowers throughout the Tampa area including Lutz, Brandon, Valrico, and Temple Terrace.  Many hard money and private money investors will not offer loan options below $100,000.  If you have free and clear properties in Tampa, you can utilize the equity in those properties to acquire a hard money loan.  Bad credit or no credit is not an issue with a hard money loan as the loan is based on the equity you have in these properties.  Tampa homeowners if  the banks have turned you down and you need cash fast you can open the hard money bank vault and tap into the equity in your owner occupied home and get cashout if you qualify in 8 to 12 days if you have clear title. Tampa real estate investors you can own more than 4 properties and pull cash out to purchase more Tampa rental properties and we will do small rehab 3,000 to 5,000 of repairs. Foreign Nationals who own property in Tampa and need to refinance our investors might be able to help you when you need to get cash fast by using the equity in you rental property or secondary home in Tampa. Our investors specialize in homeowners who have less then prefect credit , no credit, dented credit, limited credit where the banks will not give you a chance.

Our private money lenders may approve a hard money loan for you even if you:
•    Have bad credit, no credit, or past credit issues
•    Have high levels of debt
•    Are self-employed with inconsistent or mixed income
•    Have been on your job for under 2 years
•    Have had a recent foreclosure or bankruptcy
•    Are a foreign national with no U.S. income or credit

Whatever you need a hard money loan for, our pool of hard money and private money investors can get you pre-approved within 24 hours and have your loan closed in less than 14 days.  Home loans are now easier to obtain through our creative and unique hard money loan options.  With the right levels of equity, our investors can approve loans from 9-12.99%. This is just an overview of what our pools of investors offer. It does not mean you will be approved, they have certain qualifications they will disucss with you directly we just showcase their programs.

Hard and private money loans can be used for:
•    Consolidating debt
•    Remodeling or renovating a current home
•    Purchasing investment or second properties
•    Paying off IRS liens or back property taxes
•    Starting a business or expanding a current business
•    Renovating commercial property

Our network of investors can offer loans with a loan-to-value ratio of up to 70% depending on the property and type of loan.  If you have equity in an SFR, investment property, second home, vacation home, doublewide with land, mixed-use property, condo, apartment, or town home, contact us today at (813) 368-9919 to see how AHL Hard Money Network-Marketing can customize a hard money loan for you.  You may use our information request as well and we will reach out to you directly for any questions you may have.