Florida Hard Money and Subprime Purchase Loans up to 65% ltv
Florida Hard Many and Private Money, Subprime
Programs for Realtors. Close More Deals Today.
Florida Realtors have the Joy of making their clients dreams come true when they help the get the Florida home of their dreams.  As home prices are rising so dramtically in Florida the demand for homes or high and the supply is very low. At Ahl we act as a portal to bring realtors together with investors who have the money for their clients.  The is a huge need and void in the market place for subprime and hard money programs to help realtors get  more preapprovals then turn them into real loan closings. At AHL we have aligned ourselves with the best Florida and Private money Investors who have very specific loan programs for Florida hombuyers. These programs allow that borrower with challenged credit, bruised credit, bk issues, any past foreclosures, short sales to still get qualified if they can put down 35% to 50% on the new home. These will help relators get more clients qualified and we know the banks will not help these clients if they have any credit or income issues. 

Florida has seen dramatic movement in the real estate markets such as Orlando with out of state clients buying vacation homes and condos, Miami is buying new condo and townhome devleopments with over 30 new projects being worked on, Naples and Ft. Myers were many retirees purchasing single family homes, and the spike in upscale and luxury jumbo loans loan in Ft. Lauderdale and Boca, Miami.
The goal of these tailored made realtor Florida purchase prgorams is to offered the following:

Fast Pre Approvals for the Realtors Clients.
Convert More Bank Turndowns into closings usings the hard money programs.
Hard and Subprime Money Ltvs 50% to 70%
New Self Employed Borrower Programs
Make sense underwriting for clients with challenged credit
The ablility for your clients to put 35% to 50% down and still own a home if approved
Flexible Loan Programs showcased by our Hard Money Parnters that take into account your borrowers recent bks, shortsales and any previous forecloures
Close in 3 to 12 days with no bank roadblocks or hassles.
No Seasoning of funds for your borrowers. 

As a realtor we understand how important and stressful that home buying process can be especially for new home buyers. Our Hard Money partners in Florida will take control on the financial side and elimiate that stress by working with your client and doing their very best to structure a loan that gives them a chance of owning a home.

Highlights of the Florida Hard and Private Money Purchase loan programs by our Fl Investors:
Hard Money Loan to values to 50% and Subprime Money to 70%
Owner Occupied, Non Owner Occupied Loan Prorams
Terms: 5/7/10/15/20/30 years
Loan Size: 30k to 4 million
Documentation Type : Lite Doc and Full Documentation
Closing Times: 3 to 14 days 
Our investors must have a purchase contract, and home inspection for all deals
No seller seconds
No flips or rehabs sorry.
Full Appraisals needed
Rates that our investors might offer 10% to 12.65%
Subprime Programs ltvs to 70%, Foreign National Home Purchases to 50%
Commercial Purchase Programs to 65%

IF you feel one of your clients might need one of these programs. Please take minutes to fill out a mini application. Then one of our hard money investors will call you directly. We act at a portal to bring realtors and our hard money investors togehter to get your clients into their new home.